So much of a brand is the amount of emotion that it emits….Images that make you feel something and want to learn more.  This is done through the setting, the lighting, the vibe, the wardrobe, and, most importantly, your connection with the photographer. 

You need to be able to trust your photographer and let go. Otherwise, your images can look staged, flat, unflattering, and simply uninteresting… lost in the sea of impressions that consumers digest daily through social media. 

This is why it is so important to plan ahead for Every. Single. Shoot. 

Take the time to get to know your photographer (and vice versa for photographer clients) ahead of the time! I swear it makes all the difference. Connection is the most important part of the recipe. With one hour of time ahead of the session, I’m able to connect and formulate a vision in my mind so that, when the time comes to shoot… I’m focused and I’m able to deliver. 

The flip side… speaking to photographers directly now… this meeting is even more important to develop a connection. You want to put clients at ease so that they are able to be receptive to your energy and the end goal. My tip is to set the mood through music. Not YOUR kind of music. Your client’s kind of music and I promise you that you will see their mood change. The shoot is about them! Never forget that. So get to know them and tailor the shoot to them. If you follow this rule, you will capture their authenticity every time. 

There are many ‘show up and shoot’ photographers out there so be sure to do your research when selecting your photographer. Look for photographers that specialize in brand photography first and narrow down from there. 

Dig deeper in portfolios and see if there is imagery that you feel is a fit for your brand. (**Pro Tip - Don’t go for dark and moody if you’re selling organic baby products or have a real estate photographer if you’re looking for portraits of yourself. Seriously… they are two completely different skill sets and it’s rare that they have both.)

Brand photography is an investment. You need images that will give you turnkey results on all platforms. You could have any photographer in place if you ‘just need pictures’ or … you could hire the RIGHT photographer that will give you images you will LOVE to promote. 

The choice is yours.
Xo Shannon

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