Time and time again, I hear beautiful people spewing lies like: “I’m not photogenic!” Or “I don’t take good photos!”

Listen... Anyone can look great in photos with the right photographer. 

I’ve loved photography since I was sixteen. I know how to take a great photograph. But my clients' obsession with me has very little to do with camera skills.

Sure I know all about lighting, and how to pose people, and how to edit photos. Yes, I will put you at ease, make you feel confident, and show you how to stand and where to put your hands. (Seriously, nobody ever knows where to put their hands!)

What makes me different is my process. And the fact that the bulk of my work takes place before I ever touch the camera.


Much of what I bring to a shoot, I learned (and continue to learn) through my work with Enticity— an agency that specializes in rebranding. (Check them out

Not only has Enticity taught me a ton about branding, but because their focus is on rebranding, I’ve learned what not to do. I’ve learned that the effort that goes into creating a killer brand for a business or an individual, can’t be an afterthought. It has to be curated. It has to be intentional. 

And it has to evoke a human response.

I take photos that you will love, and that will speak to your audience on a human level. You are authentic. YOU ARE YOUR BRAND


  • You book a call with me. 

  • If we’re into each other, we book your brand session, discuss your vision and finalize how we can bring it to life.
  • You receive a full shoot brief, so you know what to wear, what to bring, and what to expect. 

  • We have our shoot where you feel like a goddess/rockstar and we both have a blast.

  • You fall in LOVE with your incredible gallery of proofs and choose your favourites. (The hardest part of my process!)
  • You receive your favourites and start using them on your website, branding materials and in your social feeds.

After our shoot, you’ll probably swear that you’ll never work with another photographer again. (But if and when you do, our shoot will have helped you to feel confident in front of a camera, so you’ll be fine.)

So. If you want to feel confident in front of a camera, and fill your social media feeds with photos that you love, come to mama. 

Book a call and I’ll take it from there.


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